About Nach Baliye 3

‘Nach Baliye’ returns with all the fan fare and more. This time the celebrity based reality dance show will be telecasted not on Star One but on Star Plus. And the show goes on air from September. The ten celebrity couples include Rakhi Sawant and Abhishek Awasthi, Kashmera Shah and Krushna Abhishek, Shakti Kapoor and Shivangi Kapoor, Pooja Bedi and Hanif Hilal, Shweta Keswani and Alexx O’Neil, Karan Patel and Amita Chandekar, Vikas Sethi and Amita Sethi, Karan Grover and Kavita Kaushik, Aamir Ali and Sanjeeda Sheikh, and Kiran Janjani and Ritu Janjani.

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Kiran Janjani speaks on being eliminated

Kiran and Ritu Janjani were eliminated tonight. But the duo isn’t happy. They tell us what they think on their elimination tonight.

“We were not voted out because of fewer marks or not due to bad comments like Karan and Kavita or due to horrible performance but it’s a tragedy that due to one accident that Ritu got blanked out. When we were on stage and judges announced that we are out we felt that our kid or some our family person we lost,” says Kiran.

The actor adds that being out of the show feels like a big personal loss to both him and Ritu. “We were involved too much in the show that we felt like as if we lost our family member or kid. We performed really nicely in our second performance. We were crying while performing on the stage. Davidji came on the stage and told us that you have to do it. But I said that Ritu is not in a condition to perform. Later on he said that if you won’t do it then it will look more insulting. Our performance had comedy, entertainment, dance and everything. According to Ishaa we had a glamorous dance. Vaibhavi said that choreography was good.”

Kiran says that nobody was expecting their departure. “Pooja, Vikas, Krushna and Rakhi they were also shocked because of it. All this happened because of the tragedy which took place with us. Nach Baliye is not above my wife. Ishaa also said that sometimes I also go blank even though I’m there in this industry for a long time. Here you are performing both so it is a high risk.”

However both Kiran and Ritu feel that all is not lost yet. “We are excited about the wild card round and counting days for it. If somebody tells me the concept or the pattern now I am ready to do it now. I am ready to cancel my other shoots and ready to practice for 7 hours and for the entire month! This is not competition for me now… my dream of winning the show is changed to performing so strongly and for that I do not mind if my wife changes her image or hairstyle or she becomes slim. I also do not mind in changing my own look as well. Now I want to show Vaibhavi that see what we have done it! It is no more about winning or getting 10 marks. David should also come and should tell me that you created magic or Ishaa should say this is what is an item song….It is more than that of my dream. Now I’m not hungry for publicity or anything I just want to perform like never before!”

‘I don’t want sympathy’

Kavita and Karan were unable to impress judges in the second episode of Nach Baliye. However Kavita and their choreographer said that even though Kavita was sick we did not want sympathy votes and that is the reason they refused to tell the real reason for the lack luster performance on stage.

“I am not here to say what is right and what is wrong. We are going to enjoy this show with a sportsman’s spirit. We are actors and not dancers. We will never cry on the show for whatever happens. We are not like that. We took this show so that we can spend some time together. Praise and criticism go hand in hand,” says Kavita

So what according to her went wrong last night?

“We experiment with our dance. Karan is a good looking guy and we wanted to break that image of him. So we gave him that old get up just for fun. Same time I also wanted to wear a fisherwoman’s costume so we did it. It is not necessary that we should perform well every time. We are not professional dancers.”

“We are not here to win the show because thinking that would be stupidity. I do not believe that you should mention your personal life problem on stage in front of everyone. I do not like show my weakness. I do not want to say that I was not well that day and as it is judges had no problem with our performance but with our choreography. I do not like to ask for sympathy votes,” she adds

Kavita says that it was out of her own choice that she didn’t mention her illness or the fact that they got very little time to practice.

“We are not like those people who like to gain publicity with their injuries and pains. There are lots of reasons behind our not so good performance but I think weaker people like to count reasons and I am definitely not one of them. Those who give reasons that my hand or leg is broken or we did not get time for practice and all are very weak people according to me. We are bad dancers but not weak people to ask for sympathy votes.”

“This week as well we are getting less time for practice as I am shooting in the morning and Karan in the night. So our timings are clashing with each other. But we have participated in the show as a hobby and I would never mention this fact on the stage. If you have taken that responsibility of performing on the stage then you should not give reasons for your performances even if you have major crisis at home,” says the actress candidly.

Rajiev Dinkar speaks on Karan - Kavita

Karan Grover and Kavita Kaushik’s choreographer Rajiev Dinkar is upset. He says that although he may accept the criticism that is being levied on his students he doesn’t believe them to be correct.

“We will accept all the comments and remarks marks from the judges. There are some limitations about certain dance forms and if you are showing a particular kind of dance form then you have give typical steps so that people can identify what is your dance form which is what I tried. That is why there were no innovative steps in it.”

“But I do not like to be in controversies. If I would continue with same dance form then I would definitely improve the steps and people will like it. But like I said it is matter of day. We will perform strongly next coming episodes,” adds Rajiev

Although the couple scored 25 marks in the first round things didn’t go very ell in round two for them. However, Rajiev says it’s normal for people to have good and bad days.

“I am working in the industry for six years. One of my films is celebrating a golden jubilee now. I am not claiming that I am big choreographer...Karan and Kavita are working hard. They can catch the beats and everything...For example Shubhash Ghai’s Ram Lakhan and Pardes were hits but Yaadein could not do well. But he never stopped doing films. Same is the case with everyone. It is a matter of what happens on that day. There is some concept about dance in everyone’s mind and if you can’t match that concept then even a good performance looks average,” he says.

Wonder if there is someone in particular that he is trying to hint at?

Sowmya speaks on Kiran and Ritu’s elimination

Delhi based choreographer Sownya is still in shock after her students Ritu and Kiran were eliminated tonight. She feels that the elimination came too early and too quick. However she hopes that the couple will find its way back into the competition through the wild card entry.

“I never thought only that my couple is going to get eliminated like this in the first round only. I think it’s not due to the marks because we got good enough marks… but the problem is in the votes that come in and that is not in my hand. Everyone liked my choreography and their performance as well but it maybe it was my bad day that’s why Ritu become blanked at the last minute,” says Sowmya.

So what according to her went wrong?

“They are under a lot of stress and after each and every performance they are getting more and more stressed. When Ritu blanked out and stopped dancing suddenly Kiran also stopped after watching Ritu. He could have tried to do something different like taking her round or something to manage that situation,” says Sowmya.

“It was not my lucky day so I don’t want to blame anyone. Kiran and Ritu know all the technical aspects relating to dance. They were also confident back stage before coming to perform but suddenly Ritu became blank and that can be happen with any one!” adds the choreographer.

Who do you should have been eliminated tonight?

“If you ask me technically and practically I will say Shakti and Shivangi because on that particular day Shivangi was not performing!”

Images of 2nd Episode Performance

Jodi No 1

Jodi No 2

Jodi No 3

Jodi No 4

Jodi No 5

Jodi No 6

Jodi No 7

Jodi No 8

Jodi No 9

Jodi No 10

Images of 1 st Episode Performance

Jodi No1

Jodi No2

Jodi No3

Jodi No4

Jodi No5

Jodi No6

Jodi No7

Jodi No8

Jodi No9

Jodi No10

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29 Sep 2007 Watch Online/download links - 1st Elimination

1st Elimination

Watch Online

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Written Update About 29 Sep 2007 Show

The episode started with Husan & Tina telling the nach isnt asaan and also today is the first elimination episode.Then they ask the judges who are the 3 jodis you think are completely safe and are lambey race ke ghodey?? and davidji tells abhishek rakhi , and sanjeeda amir and he tells they are the only ones right now.Then they show all the jodis in vid cliping how they are praying to god so that they are safe.Amita(karan patel's partner) goes to church and rakhi is doing pooja and they are all praying so that they are safe.

then they show this girl monisha who is taco card reader telling the future of all the jodis..ill brief on that.

JODI 01 sweta and alexx

they will suffer with stress , they will get appreciation

JODI 02 amita karan

there is no coordination but if they work they can do a good job

JODI 03 rakhi abhishek

The cards are very good , they might end up winning

JODI 04 shivangi shakti

There is a lot of fan following.

JODI 05 vikas amita

this competition might be a moosibat for them.

JODI 06 karan kavita

Karan needs to work hard

JODI 07 sanjeeda amir

Lots of fan following.

JODI 08 kashmeera krushna

they will get appreciation , they wil get into controversies

JODI 09 ritu kiran

They need to handle the competition with love

JODI 10 haneef pooja

not so good cards , need to work hard.

Then pooja tells that let the cards say anything we will work hard.

HuTi call the first four jodis jodi 01 ,07 , 06 and 05 to findout who are in the danger zone.


They got 22 in both the episodes..and hussain tells that girls find alexx cute and alexx tells i hope we are safe.They ask vaibhavi and she tells they shud be safe.And then hussain tells the nach is asaan for them



they got 27 and 30 . Nothing changes for them and the nach is asaan for them too!!



they did very good in the first episode but not so good in the second.Kavita tells she is extremely happy that she is working with the man she loves. and takes up the blame for performing bad in the second episode.Then nach is asaan for them too.



only 3 jodis are safe out of the 4 that came and so..the nach is not asaan for this jodi.

JODI 04 VIKAS AMITA - unsafe

they call the remaining jodis on the stage.They show a small vid clip about karan amita.Amita is talking and telling i am doing this only 4 you and she makes a potrait of karan. then she comes for practise and then tells karan to come on time after shoot..During practise she sticks the potrait she made..he comes in and she asks him to look around he finds it and tells do i look soo bad?? and then tells its a fantastic attempt!!


the got 28 in the first epi and 30 in the second.They think public voting cant change anything for people who entertain them..and then HuTi tell that the nach is asaan for them.



they got not so good comments in the first epi and good comments in the second.The nach is not asaan for them



they performed ok..but they didnt perform in the second episode.nach nahin hai asaan.

JODI 09 RITU KIRAN - unsafe


they got good comments in the first epi and quiet ok comments in the second..but still...for them this nach is asaan!



they have got 17 in both the episodes..karan tells that his father told that he is such a person that he cannot do anything consistently..and he tells his father look..i managed to get 17 twice The nach is asaan for them...!!



the nach is not asaan for them !shivangi isnt there too.



jodi 05 - vikas amita

JODI 04 - Shivangi shakti

jodi 09 - ritu kiran

jodi 10 - haneef

HuTi tell us about the jodi no.11...and all the hungama that happened.then they show juhi and she tells she is going to back out as she doesnt want others to be upset..All the jodis agree that its not juhi's fault and she is good but we are all working hard.Then they tell that the talaash will still take place..if not as a competition but still they will dance on this stage.

To reduce the stress level the bring neha and jimmy and they dance...first neha dances on some music..jimmy then dances on KYA hua and they both then dance on talwaar re..their dance was great .After the dance they both comment that this show is very good..and they are all doing a good job!!they wish the contestants luck.

Then HuTi ask amita if it is unfair she denies and tells that she is fine with the decision.Then they tell that the nach is asaan for jodi 10 and jodi 05!!!



last two..jodi 09 and jodi 04..

JODI 09 is voted out..and they both are extremely upset..


all the contestants try and make them feel better..rakhi said they will surely come in through the wild card round!!

lots of love

Friday, September 28, 2007

28 Sep 2007 Watch Online / download links

n2erki.jpg image by pariofdreamz

Hussian Tina welcomes with royale attire...
Last week with lowest points from judges was 19 and only Jodi no. 8 got 30.

Today is Fusion Theme , must do in bhagara song Salsa ... mix of western music and indian dance or vice versa.

Jodi 6: Karan & .... on Song Gustak Dil .... - Yeh Dil Maange More Attaire Marathi Fishermen..

David Dhawan: This is not FUSION . It didn't work.
Esha: Work on expression
Viavabhi: Horrible, Predictable steps, PATHETIC CHOREOGRAPHY

Score: 3 + 4 + 4 = 11

Jodi 5: Vikas & Amita on Song Sholo Si .... - Shabd Classical Dance - like the one in NB 2, done by Manav & Shweta, but not upto that mark lets see what will be judges comments...

David Dhawan: Vikas has taken care of her very well, kamal kiya... badhiya
Esha: Gr8
Viavabhi: Tremendous improvements, Footsteps brilliant

Score: 8 + 8 + 8 = 24

Jodi 9: Ritu & ... on Song Chunari Samal Gori Modern Dance...

OMG .. they forgot the dance steps !
BUT why the hell the music is still going on.. instead of stopping....

WHAT HAPPENED ? Stressful ?

Can we get another chance ?
Hussian says: Cannot be redone, its competition rules. NO. But its judges decision.
David: we are emotionally supporting, but tomorrow another dancer might ask same.

No chance will be given. But will have to perform, everybody wants to watch. The guy cries...

Score: 1 + 1 + 3 = 5

Both of them performs..., the dance was gr8 fusion.. mix of such oldie with aerobic performance...

The guy cried.... and apolozies for his fault...

Jodi 10: Pooja Bedi & Hanif on Song Right Here Right Now in Vishwamitra & Menaka outfit... classical dance...

David Dhawan: good
Esha: Ur mama will be proud.
Viavabhi: gr8 fusion

Score: 9 + 9 + 9 = 27

Jodi 4: Shakti on Song Gori Gori.... - Mein Hoon Na in Police getup
Aploziges for his wife not been well, so he apologizes... she is sick so he wants to perform with another dancer - the show must go on....

Clip is shown her wife wishing.. Shakti ...

David Dhawan: Kya hai.. Gharwali ko chodkar baharwali leraya
Esha: sorry to hear...
Viavabhi: technically few loose ends

Score: 5 + 5 + 6 = 16

Jodi 7: Aamir & Sanjeeda on Song Classic dance music modern dance...

David Dhawan: Good
Esha: gives pappi
Viavabhi: something out of the world... EXCELLENT

Score: 10 + 10 + 10 = 30

Jodi X: Shweta & Alex on Song Mohabat Hai Mirchi in pundit and menka getup

Its gr8 to see Alex lip syncing and dancing in PUNDIT getup .... really something very strange and hilarious....

David Dhawan: He loves you Shweta, and comic element was excellent.. you made me remember Mehmood
Esha: Gr8 Chemistry
Viavabhi: Overall sync ok, few loose ends but its amazing to see ALEX.. how did u do ?

Score: 7 + 7 + 8 = 22

Jodi X: Rakhi & Abhishek on Song Lets Do Bale Bale (FIDA) doing Latin dance...

Good Sync.

David Dhawan: good.
Esha: Will abhishek do dirty dance with me.
Viavabhi: good dance today... was BRILLIANT !

Score: 10 + 10 + 10 = 30

Jodi 2: Karan & Amita on Song Chal Chaiya Chaiya (Dil Se) doing Modern dance...

David Dhawan: No concept ! No Story would have been interesting
Esha: better than last time. chemistry ? will need more.
Viavabhi: Karan i like ur dance, should try much better

Score: 5 + 6 + 6 = 17

Jodi 8: Kashmira & Kishan on Song U r one for me doing Marathi Dance

David Dhawan: Situation is weak
Esha: Not upto the mark
Viavabhi: Bit monotonous, but Kash performed much better. No concept

Score: = 7 + 7 + 7 = 21

Jimmy Shergil & Neha Dhupai is this weeks celebrity dance couple. They come and sign on the car.

28 Sep 2007 Watch Online/download links

28 Sep 2007 Watch Online/download links

Watch Online

Part 1 >>> Click Here <<<

Part 2 >>> Click Here <<<

Part 3 >>> Click Here <<<

Part 4 >>> Click Here <<<

Download Link >>> Click Here <<<

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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Juhi walks out of Nach Baliye?

Juhi Parmar’s inclusion in Nach Baliye as the surprise eleventh jodi in the show did not go down well with the other contestants. And now it seems there is yet another twist to the tale. The latest buzz suggests that television actress is now herself planning to quit the show.

When the jodis heard of her inclusion they weren’t happy and there was quite a furor on sets. So much so that even filming came to a halt for a while. However, Juhi had already left the show when the reaction took place. However now that she has come to know it seems the actress wants to back out. A Source says Juhi is planning to quit the show.

“She recently issued a press note which says that she is backing out of the show as she does not want to make anyone unhappy or to be unfair to anyone. She does not want to be in any controversies. She took up the show because she thought it was challenging,” says the source.

The source also suggests that there is a possibility that another actor maybe roped in to replace Juhi so as to continue with the concept of finding a partner from the public.

Juhi had performed on the first day as a part of the Talash-e Baliye contest which would allow the common man to participate and get a chance to dance with Juhi and compete with the rest of the 10 jodis.

Last minute nerves for the Choreographers

Last minute nerves for the Choreographers

With four days to go before Nach Baliye 3 will be unveiled before the public, the choreographers are as nervous as their couple. They speak to us about their students’s performances and their preparations for the next round.

Sweta Keswani and Alex O’Neil: Padmini Haldankar

During the shoot I was nervous. I had never expected that we will get as good response from judges as we got. My main aim was to show how Alex performs as before this he was not considered a dancer but with this performance every one has come to know that even he can dance. I was not expecting that Ishaa Koppikar will appreciate our performance but now I’m more worried for the next episode as the theme is completely different. Its fusion so let’s see I’m hoping that even this concept will be appreciated by the judges.

Amita and Karan Patel: Sanjay Yadav

I’m nervous and tensed. We are working harder so that in the next round we won’t disappoint our judges and audience as the next round is more difficult. It is fusion based so it’s completely different from Bollywood songs.

Rakhi Sawant and Abhishek Awasthi: Pratap Shetty

I’m very excited to watch my couple dancing. But now for the next round I’m also tensed as Abhishek is not well. There is also some confusion in the theme as I have taught them something different but production house wants a fusion dance which is completely different and now I have to start all over again!

Shivangi and Shakti Kapoor: Sylvester

I’m waiting to watch my couple dancing on the Nach Baliye 3 platform as they are ready! We have made the team of trio S and it’s going to rock this competition as we have already started the rehearsals for the next episode!

Amita Sethi and Vikas Sethi: Minaz and Hasina

We have to work hard as her injury is still not healed which is very bad for us but I know she will cooperate with me. Performance wise I’m very tensed because as choreographers this our first attempt. My main concern is gone as Amita lacked confidence and I have managed to get rid of her stage fright. Now I’m working for another around which is more difficult due her injury so let see…

Kavita Kaushik and Karan Grover: Rajiev Diwakar

I’m not nervous at all but we are working hard to match up in the second round which is slightly difficult but now we are rehearsing day and night. My funda of dancing is that you enjoy your dance and get the correct expression.

Sanjeeda Sheikh and Aamir Ali: Chetan and Arun

Our first performance was not so bad but now we have to work hard. I feel Nach Baliye is like giving exams… each round is like a different paper and you have to prepare equally hard for all papers. You know if one goes well it doesn’t mean the rest well and so you have to prepare for all rounds with a lot of hard work. Each round will have different steps and we will get different marks.

Kashmeera and Krushna: Raju and Shabana

Our last performance was good so I’m very excited to watch that episode on 21st but now the expectations are very high so for that I’m very tensed and nervous as we have to think some different concepts that will match the theme.

Ritu Janjani and Kiran Janjani: Sownya

I’m not so nervous because that shoot is over now but now I’m quite tensed as for the first round we had enough time… close to one month to prepare but now we have very less time so that means more hard work and concentration.

Pooja Bedi and Hanif Hilal: Sumeet

I’m not nervous.We handled the first shoot well and we are very bold to handle everything that will come. And now we are working hard for the next time.

Nach Baliye 3 Fusion Round Promo

The Coming Round is Fusion Round
which will be telecasted on 29 sep 2007

Friday, September 21, 2007

Nach Baliye 3 Love Birds: Kashmeera and Krushna

One of Nach Baliye 3’s hottest couples on and off screen without a doubt is Kashmeera Shah and Krushna Abhishek. The duo share amazing chemistry both before and behind the camera.

We spotted the couples dazzling the judges with their performance on the first episode and the chemistry between the two was palpable. While performing on any number Kashmeera can never get her eyes off her beau Krushna. And Krushna never misses a single chance to lock lips and hug his lady love. From hanging out together hand in hand on the sets to setting the dance floor on fire together, the two Ks have developed a name for the being the show’s love birds.

A source says it’s quite nice to see them so in love with each other. “They are really in love each other… all of us watch their chemistry all the time which is quite noticeable in their performance as well. During shoot as well Krushna takes good care of Kashmeera and after every performance he never forgets to appreciate her with a warm hug and a kiss.”

Even an the Red Carpet Event last night all the couples were quite relaxed and were often spotted dancing with other participants. But that was not the case for Kashmeera and Krushna who only had eyes for one another all evening long!

As soon as the hit song Soni de Nakhre from Partner came on, Krushna hit the dance floor imitating his uncle Govinda on whom the song is picturised. And Kashmeera kept her eyes firmly planted on him till he pulled her on dance floor as well.

When the show was screened last night for the invitees the duo’s performance was the only one that got a standing ovation from the guests and the other jodis. And pretty much like their performance during the first episode it seems the two real life lovers can’t have enough of one another as they were the only couple who came together, danced together, rocked the party together and left together!

It’s Mika V/S Rakhi on telly

The war between Punjabi singer Mika and Rakhi Sawant is about to begin round two. The animosity that began last year on Mika’s birthday will now extend to our television screens as the item girl and the singer will battle for higher TRPs as they participate in two different dance shows.

“My participation is enough to push the TRPs but if on the other hand I have my student whose Godfather I am then I am sure the TRPs will also move up. You see I am not competing with anyone… I have already achieved a lot because I am no item boy. I am a singer who has had many hit songs. And sure the TRPs will go up…wherever Mika arrives the TRPs sure do move up… and where Mika’s kids go there too the TRPs get better!”

But what made you want to pariticipate in a dance show? Was it because you knew Rakhi was also doing something similar?
“Look I am not trying to compete with anyone. The people who have come into this market for dancing are only famous today because of me. So no matter which show show you watch you will only remember me? If you watch my show you will have a lot of fun… if you watch other people’s show then too you will remember me… so no matter where you go and what you watch you will only remember me!” says the singer.

Mika says he has a message for his nemesis. “I’d like to tell her that if you do win the competition do give some royalties to your Godfather who has helped you get such a big name in the industry!”

Things have taken a sour note between Rakhi and Mika since the time Sawant claimed that the singer forcefully kissed her at his birthday last year. Although Mika has always maintained nothing like this happened at the time of the incident it created a huge controversy followed which Mika released a song called “Bhai toone pappi kyoo li” poking fun at Rakhi who by then had gone sore claiming that the woman in her had been wronged by a man to anyone and everyone who heard her.

So with the two arch enemies a part of two different dance competitions right now things are only going to get hot…and not just on the dance floor!

Jodi No 10

Pooja Bedi and Hanif Hilal

Cupid struck: They first met at a dance competition. A well built tall and handsome guy called Hanif was her choreographer and they clicked instantly.
Pooja loves: Spending quality time with her kids.
Hanif loves: Sports, travellig,and reading about current affairs.
Pooja says: "Hanif is a very warm, affectionate and kind person."
Hanif says: "Pooja is bold , practical and strong-minded."
You know what... Hanif had his own dance group called 'flame' and used to conduct shows in Mumbai and Pune.

Choreographer: Sumeet
Pooja Bedi and Hanif Hilal's choreographer Sumeet is the youngest choreographer on Nach Baliye. Aged just 20 years, young Sumeet is managing his personal dance academy, his studies and training one of the most popular couples of the competition.

Pooja Bedi
Pooja Bedi
Date of birth: May 11, 1970
Place of birth: Mumbai
Star Sign: Taurus
School: The Lawrence School, Sanawar.
First Break: Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander.
Favourite book:: I don't have one… I like all kinds from The Monk who sold his Ferrari to Deepak Chopra to Jokes!
Best place to holiday: All over the world… with so many nice places how can I pick one?.
Hanif Hilal
Hanif Hilal
Date of birth: Sept 21, 1982
Place of birth: Kuwait
Star Sign: Capricorn
School: At Many Places
First Break: I started as a model and that could be considered my first break.
Favourite film: Black, Sarfarosh, Life is Beautiful.
Favourite book: More into current affairs as opposed to novels. Catch 22 is what I'm reading right now.
Best place to holiday: Europe.

Jodi No 9

Ritu and Kiran Janjani

Jodi No 9: Ritu and Kiran Janjani

Cupid struck: The first time they met was when kiran had given her a ride to a common friends birthday party. From there, cupid took the wheel and steered them into a journey of love and mutual admiration.
Ritu loves: Indulging in body massages and facials.
Kiran loves: Taking his mother out to an uidipi restaurant or for a pizza.
Ritu says: "Kiran is very simple and religious and I love that about him."
Kiran says: "Ritu is extremely energetic and strong- willed."
You know what... Kiran has worked as a waiter in hotel Sea Princess.

Choreographer: Sownya
She has trained in jazz techno and Punjabi pop and has choreographed two songs for a forthcoming film called Hari Puttar.

Ritu Janjani
Ritu Janjani
Date of birth: February 2
Place of birth: Delhi
Star Sign: Pisces
School: St. Masses
First Break: Jet Airways
Favourite film: Karan Arjun.
Favourite book: I hate reading.
Best place to holiday: USA.
Kiran Janjani
Kiran Janjani
Date of birth: March 12, 1973
Place of birth: Mumbai
Star Sign: Pisces
School: D N Cosmopolitans High School
First Break: Ponds Dream Flower Talk
Favourite film: Pardes and all SRK movies.
Favourite book: I don't read novels, but I love looking at glossy magazines.
Best place to holiday: New York and Dubai.